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TCI announces merger with Ultima HDD Ltd.

Official Press Release

Trenchless Crossings Inc., (TCI), is pleased to announce the acquisition of Ultima HDD Ltd.  Ultima is a Canadian HDD company specializing in the operation of larger HDD rigs.  The operations of both Ultima and TCI have been combined under the direction of Brian Burgess, Diane Cody and Bud Carlsen.

This merger with Ultima results in the acquisition of an American Augers DD 220, with 6000 feet of 4.5’’ XH range 2 drill pipe.  The support equipment for the rig has the capacity to pump 660 gal/min and clean up to 1200 gal/min.  The rig is a cab off rig, which allows it to be set up utilizing a small footprint, great for smaller sites, with the added benefit of drilling 31 foot drill pipe, thus resulting in less connects and faster ROP’s.  

TCI continues its growth now with 3 divisions to offer: Maxi Rig division, Telco division and TCI’s Historical Water and Sewer division, for short to medium length installations.  Additionally, TCI has begun marketing services throughout the southeast United States. 

This merger now allows TCI to be able to offer fluids engineering.  Trenchless Fluid Systems, previously held by Ultima, successfully developed the Enerseal HDD Mud Program.  This Program in now being offered by TCI in the southeast market.  The Enerseal Program has been proven successful in avoiding inadvertent fluid releases caused by poor hole cleaning and overburden conditions across North America.  For more information, please watch the video in the link https://vimeo.com/246685350

Additionally, this merger, allows TCI, to offer all of its current and future clients, the equipment and personnel necessary to perform a wider range of projects with the management and ability to mitigate risk on large scale HDD projects.

TCI is excited to show our valued clients how we can add value to their projects through a strong commitment to safety, innovation, experience, and by leading the way with the highest standards for environmentally sound projects.  Stay tuned for an invitation to an open house once the new rig arrives.

For more information please contact Brian Burgess at (407) 252-7516, or via email to brianb@trenchlesscrossing.com.

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