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About Us

Trenchless Crossings, Inc. is available to provide utility related, guided boring services for Communications, Power, Gas, Certified Pipe Fusion, and Water/Sewer/Reclaimed applications. In addition, Trenchless is one of the few HDD contractors to perform professional pre-construction bore profiles as part of our due diligence process to avoid utility strikes and to ensure proper bend radius are constructed.

Trenchless ensures the achievement of the objectives through a commitment to on-going education and training and the use of systems designed to produce uniform and superior results. What this means to you, the client, is that we not only intend to “do it right the first time” but we have a plan to make it happen consistently!

In performing directional drilling services we have three objectives:

1. Safety
2. Consistent Quality
3. Efficiency

As part of our approach to ensuring consistent quality, Trenchless has had a strong focus on team building. This approach involves careful hiring and a heavy investment in training. Our training program minimizes turnover and avoids inefficiencies, which are caused by inexperienced crews. As a result of these programs, you will come to know exactly what performance to expect from any of our helpers, drillers or trackers.

Trenchless understands that efficiency saves money. We accomplish this by arriving on time, prepared with all the necessary tools and materials, providing trained crews with a sense of urgency, and having equipment, which is well maintained.

In drilling, it’s not whether you will encounter unexpected difficulties, but how you deal with that difficulty that makes the difference. Trenchless provides strong support personnel ready to solve problems and keep jobs on track. We are known for our resourcefulness in responding to and solving difficulties in the field.

What you can expect

With any of our services we will do the following:

  • Show Up On Time
  • Come Prepared
  • Have Equipment that Works
  • Trained Crews
  • Professional Appearance
  • Jobs Completed On Time

We realize that these are the basics that you expect from any contractor. Unfortunately, consistent delivery in these areas is lacking in the industry – which is exactly what separates Trenchless from the competition. We realize how important it is to do things right the first time. We have a plan and systems in place which causes this to happen consistently. The basis of this plan is significant focus and investment in the following areas:

  • Training Systems
  • The right tools for the job
  • The right performance standard

These results are designed to help you impress your client and to save you money. You will be proud to have us on your team.


We consider safety as a core value and measurement of success. It is part of our culture. Safety goes hand-in-hand with various other corporate policies and a requirement for continuous training. We believe that every incident is preventable. Our Health and Safety Policy Manual is the baseline that details various requirements and expectations of staff. In addition to our Safety Manager’s conducting regular health and safety meetings and audits, our field staff is required to conduct daily tailgate meetings, onsite safety training to deal with specific site conditions, regular operators’ safety meetings and safety training. Typical potential hazards identified in our work includes: heavy vehicle operations, pinch points, weather (snow, rain, lightning, wind), animal hazards (snakes, spiders, bears, etc.), biological hazards (poisonous plants), heat stress, power lines and underground utilities, etc. Based on our experience in working at mines, there are additional safety, training, equipment requirements and governmental guidelines that must be adhered to.


Trenchless’s commitment to quality is consistent, with the emphasis on completing the project on time and within budget. With special attention on always leaving the client satisfied.